WILDFIT with Kerry Dell

WHY WILDFIT with Kerry Dell?

“We are certified coaches of WILDFIT 90, a revolutionary new 90 Day program built around the physiology of food

​You’ve often heard physical trainers and nutritionists say, “it’s 80% diet and 20% exercise”

Tackle the 80% with this groundbreaking program that promises results under a Money-Back Guarantee”

DO YOU ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE? Here is how WILDFIT with Kerry Dell works

Kerry’s WILDFIT journey

The WILDFIT Challenge is a 90-day private mentorship program for small groups of inspired participants 

The WILDFIT with Kerry Dell Challenge has two primary components:

The WILDFIT Video Coaching Program

On video, our founder, Eric Edmeades, will teach you the WILDFIT philosophy and walk you through every step of this 90-day process, including all the food changes you’ll be making

Live Coaching

We’ll meet once a week on Mondays for between 30 minutes to one hour. The purpose of these live coaching sessions is to review the WILDFIT content, discuss what you’re learning and any challenges, exchange recipe ideas, and of course, to celebrate your successes! 

The Life4ce Program consists of two components as well :



These calls will be on the same calls as the WildFit program, so half the time will be WildFit and half the time will be Life4ce

Weekly implementation exercises

Each week you will be given some homework, which won’t take long, but it is necessary to complete these by the next call. Discussion will happen during the call and then implementation is required in order for you to have an experience of what was discussed that week.  By implementing and having an experience the knowledge then lives in you


It is truly a health transforming program 

Once registered you will get access to your WildFit Dashboard where you will find all the video’s to guide you through the program

Some benefits that can be expected are balance in weight, more energy, better sleep, healing of the gut, no sugar cravings, reduction in anxiety and stress, no more brain fog, clearer thinking and innovation, reduction in acidity and much more. The most important focus is bringing the body back into balance and thereafter the body heals itself.  In the first 2 weeks, we focus on the mindset around health and this is where some amazing magic happens

Join Nutrition Expert Eric Edmeades In This FREE Masterclass As He Shares Game-Changing ‘Food Philosophy’ Knowledge, Giving You The Tools To Regain Your Wellness & Vitality. Find Out Why 75% Of People Who Attended This Masterclass Would Strongly Recommend It to Their Friends

Watch The Preview For This Masterclass

What you will learn from this Master Class with Eric Edmeades

  1. The ultimate ‘habit hack’ for beating junk food and unhealthy cravings forever:this simple technique will not only kick your addiction to candy, chips, or ice cream, but also replace them with healthy cravings
  2. Unmasking the unholy trinity sabotaging your health for wealth:discover how the profit-driven food, exercise, and diet industries have deceived humanity for decades – and triggered a culture of poor health and excess weight in billions of people
  3. Why conventional exercise and dieting ‘wisdom’ are bad for weight loss:explore the undeniable scientific proof that debunks exercise for weight loss, calorie counting, and other stubborn myths – and find out what you should be doing instead to lose weight in a fast, healthy, and sustainable way
  4. The tribe with the secret to lifelong health:Eric’s discoveries from living with the Hadza tribe in Africa form the basis for the WILDFIT food philosophy. Find out what they are, and prepare to rethink everything you’ve been told about food, health, and longevity
  5. The world’s easiest way to transform your body:explore how to harness a method known as Behavioral Change Dynamics to permanently shift your eating habits, heal your body, and achieve your optimal weight – all through small, effortless lifestyle changes that you’ll barely even notice
  6. Why your food = your mood:feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed more often than you’d like? Learn about the fascinating connection between your diet and emotional health, and how to eat your way to happiness and peace of mind
  7. The 8 unspoken needs of the human body:find out the surprising ingredients your body really needs to heal, look, feel, and perform at its best, and achieve its natural lifespan (your doctor or nutritionist won’t show you at least half of these)
  8. How to gain boundless youthful energy & vitality (and vaporize excess fat in the process):discover how to activate a natural mechanism in your body that transforms unwanted fat into energy – so you can not only lose weight, but beat fatigue and live at 110% every day

By the end of this Masterclass, you’ll have a profound new perspective on food and how it’s impacting your health. You’ll finally see beyond the myths and inaccuracies fed to you by society, and have the tools and knowledge to start making dietary choices that lead to extraordinary health, optimal weight, and boundless vitality

A short video clip below, from the Founder of WILDFIT,Eric Edmeades, just to give you a little insight into the information and fun that you will experience during the program

Eric Edmeades answers some questions below

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