Power of 6 Programme by Kerry Dell

Why the POWER OF 6?

Join us for a 16 week program where every week there will be realisations and breakthroughs.

Every week you will get to experience an aspect of your wellness that may previously have been imbalanced and now there will be an opportunity to put that into balance.

Have you ever experienced a deep dive into your physical, your emotional, your intellectual, your spiritual, your environmental and your financial wellness?

In this program YOU WILL BE CHALLENGED, YOU WILL BE STRETCHED, but if you are ready to make some changes to UP-LEVEL your life…then THIS IS THE PROGRAM FOR YOU!

what we think is what we create!


POWER OF 6 Program is an experience that activates all aspects to up-level your health, wealth and happiness. It increases your frequencies within your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to enhance your lifestyle. POWER OF 6 incorporates much information including totally understanding the principles of Napoleon Hill’s book, THINK AND GROW RICH. These principles have been life changing for hundreds of thousands of people. Tune into your natural vibration with POWER OF 6 and activate your frequency for supreme health, wealth & joy!


The POWER OF 6 program schedule

Before Week 1: Preparation Call

Week 1: Top 6 Dimensions of Wellness & Journal Work

Week 2: Top 6 Human Hungers – Identify & Implement

Week 3: Top 6 Human Needs – Personal & Spiritual

Week 4: Top 6 Actions for Abundance

Week 5: Tuning into your 6th Sense

Week 6: Top 6 Human Fears – Identify & Reprogram Faith

Week 7: Top 6 Diseases – Understand & Plan to avoid

Week 8: Create a Burning Desire for your life

Week 9: Obtain deep Faith in your life’s desire

Week 10: Manifestation

Week 11: Specialized Knowledge – Identify & Plan to acquire

Week 12: Imagination & Organized Planning

Week 13: Decision & Persistence

Week 14: Mastermind & Sex Transmutation

Week 15: Subconscious Mind

Week 16: Walking it into your LIFE

Graduation Call