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Dr Buttar – Emotional Alert for heart patients

Dr Cobb – Censored heart rescue therapy

Dr Cobb – Top secret reason for heart disease

Dr Cole – Reversing gum disease naturally

Dr Cole – Urgent root canal therapy options

Dr Davidson – Liver Heart connection

Dr Demaria – Cholesterol, The Good The Bad & The Ugly

Dr Demaria – How diet affects heart function

Dr Demaria – Strategies for ideal heart function

Dr Dimartino – First signs of cardiovascular disease

Dr Foster – Clearing away arterial plaque

Dr Foster – Fixing heartbeat irregularities

Dr Foster – Reducing blood pressure naturally

Dr Group – Gut Heart Connection

Dr Group – How to detox and heal your cardiovascular system

Dr Group – Understanding the Cardiac vibration

Dr Jockers – Functional lab testing for heart health

Dr Minkoff – Heart disease, the big picture

Dr Minkoff – The true cause of arterial plaque

Dr Osborn – How gluten threatens heart function

Dr Osborn – The truth about blood pressure

Dr Osborn – WARNING: Drug induced nutritional deficiencies

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