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Thomas Janossy – Uncovering the trigger to Memory Loss

David Jockers – Advanced nutritional strategies to improve Brain Function

Niki Gratrix – Dementia Warning: Uncovering the threat of emotional stress

Susan Pierce Thompson – Optimal Brain Function: One meal at a time

Datis Kharrazian – Dementia Solutions: Overlooked Therapies Revealed

Nadine Artemis – Protecting the Brain: Why you should care about oral health

Daniel Amen – Protecting the Brain: What Science tells us

Stuart Nunnally – Oral Infections: Alzheimer’s disease Warning

Mike Adams – Toxic Foods: Uncovering the Suppressed Truth

Dale Bredesen – Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease: A Comprehensive Approach

Steven Masley – Brain Food: How to make the right choice

Michael Murray – Best Nutritional Supplements for Brain Health

Chris Shade – Brain Defence: What to do about heavy metal Toxicity

Sayer Ji – Stop Memory Loss: The science behind healing

Mark Hyman – Why Alzheimer’s disease is being called Type 3 Diabetes

Russell Blaylock – Alzheimer’s disease: Shocking truth about Amyloid Plaque

Josh Axe – The Gut-Brain Axis: Optimal Nutrition for a healthy brain

Chris Exley – Aluminium Toxicity: A major threat to brain health

Rick Panson – End stage Dementia: Reversing memory loss

Charles Gant – Link between Plaque and Dementia