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Good Vibes Academy with Kerry Dell

”Mentally and physically I knew I could be a whole lot better.  With my BodyWork, I thought it would be neat to have something to compliment it. I was looking for something else for my health business.  I feel good now and I am thrilled that I came on board.  I am just getting better and better.  I am happy about the knowledge I have.  The best thing about having the machines and jumping on board, even if I hadn’t done anything with it, I can look after my family.  It’s a big family, it’s an expensive family and being able to target health care – I don’t think you can put a price on it. I am excited to see how well I can be in my body and mind moving forward.  Ideally, I would love to have support over a few years and go deeper with the knowledge of yourself and your team.  I absolutely love it, I have a lot of purpose now.  I wake up and I want to get up and look at scans.  It is all positive. Thank you so much, Katie Coxhead, Tauranga, NZ

I want to add.. as a current student of Kerry’s, I can only tell you .. if you can jump on this program DO IT! No words can describe the value of it.. the program, the support .. all there. Don’t need to know anything. All you need is .. be willing to take your business to another level and enrich your life and help others in the process as well. oh.. and WILDFIT fits in like a glove 🙂 just saying,” from Juliana Dancanet, NYC

”I have been a petroleum analyst for 30 years, but I was never fulfilled in that job.  I finally left that career this year to pursue my passion and purpose full time through my health business. I am now able to scan my clients and provide some recommendations to support them during their WILDFIT journey. I am so excited to continue learning how I can help myself, my family and my clients improve their health and live their best life.  I am absolutely 100% certain that joining Bio Wellness was the best decision I could have made for my health business”  Diane Shepherd, Texas, USA

“Hi, I’m Dr Ju Lee Tay, a medical doctor and craniosacral therapist in Malaysia. Once in a lifetime someone walks into your life and completely blows your mind. Kerry did that for me. I’ve truly learned so much about the body, how we could find the root cause of illnesses and start to really address that. I’ve grown in so many ways. Unwavering and steadfast in her support, Kerry has been an amazing business partner and mentor. She shares openly, simply and with deep wisdom and clarity. I’m sure you will find that no-matter what the health challenge, we have a team that is dedicated to finding the solution and delivering on the promise of health and vitality. We have so many tools at our disposal, but the true magic is in that sacred attention that we hold for each other, as vibrational beings.”